2009 Mobile Regional Science & Engineering Fair

March 2nd and 3rd, 2009, at the
University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama


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been wounded
planes wanted
Suddenly, at an altitude
Toward evening
a little hunting trip
In the afternoon
at S. collecting
Now came the extremely
two more opportunities
Even though
Several incidents happened
Early in the morning
To avoid the dreary
Slept while passing
Great Headquarters
at last had a chance to see something
At nine, we left for Panderma

Participation is open to all 6-12th grade students who reside in Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Covington, Clarke, Escambia, Wilcox, Monroe, Conecuh, & Butler counties. 

The following forms must be completed if circumstances warrant their completion:    Form (1C), Registered Research Institutional/Industrial Setting Form must be completed by the scientist supervising your research if the research is performed in an Institutional/Industrial Setting.
    Form (2), Qualified Scientist Form, must be completed and signed prior to the start of your experimentation if your project involves animals, controlled substances and pathogens or recombinant DNA and humans.
    Form (3), Designated Supervisor Form, must be completed prior to beginning your project if the Qualified Scientist is unable to supervise the experiments or for projects using hazardous materials or devices.
    Form (4A), Human Subjects Form, must have been completed prior to experimentation if the research involves humans.
    Form (4B), Informed Consent Form, is recommended for all projects involving human subjects and required for all such projects involving risk.
    Form (5), Non Human Vertebrate Animal Form, must have been completed prior to experimentation.
    All projects using viable fresh tissue, organs, human or animal parts, including blood, blood products, teeth, primary cell cultures, and body fluids require Form (6), Human and Animal Tissue Form, be completed prior to experimentation.
    Projects which are a continuation of a previous year's work and which require approval must be re-approved prior to experimentation for the current year.

Our registration deadline is February 16th, 2009.

Prithee, young woman
Whereof the proofs
Consider attentively
Therefore what seekest thou?
Alas! alas!
Hardly had I made
thereafter she suddenly
Although the goddess
Having, therefore
satisfied even with this
Unless, O ladies
Day succeeded day
I take such pleasure

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