Okay so I’m on another adventure with my brother this time and my 69 El Camino I got off late on Friday add like 5 p.m., well that’s not really late that’s normal time but I was hoping my boss would let me off early so we can go to the river this weekend. By the time I got home from work and we loaded up my truck and we’re ready to go it was probably about 6:30 p.m. and we started to drive the 4 Hour drive to Parker Dam Arizona what are the coolest places in the world. We were making good time because we weren’t stopping for anything and I really enjoyed being with my brother I didn’t get to hang out with him much and this is one of the times that I remember in our life that was a fantastic time but we got in trouble too.

It was a warm summer night driving through the desert, I’d say that air was still about 80 degrees as we are driving through the desert. My brother had hooked us up with some weed on the way it was kind of the bottom of the barrel because it was a holiday weekend the guy I got it from was just about out so he got three small bags that were like 10 bucks each. We also had scored some blow the day before and we had a little bit left over so we did a couple of rails as we are driving so we weren’t tired at all we were perked up ready to go ready to have fun and talking a mile a minute.

After a couple of hours we were settled in just cruising along not really noticing anything along the road or anything because the roads were empty it was late on Friday and everyone was already there at the river we were just kind of scraggly in to the party. all the sudden there were red lights behind the car and we didn’t understand why, this was back when they had red lights on police cars not blue lights now everything has blue lights on it at least the cop cars do. ¬†They pulled us over and asked if we had any drugs I said no and they didn’t believe me they kept asking questions like where are you going why are you going this late in the night, it was about 11:30 at night by the time we were driving through there and they had no one else to harass at the time so they pulled us over. J-Junk

They were shining flashlights inside the car because it was dark in the car because everything was black in the old 69 El Camino, it had black vinyl interior with a black dashboard black carpet everything was black so it was pretty dark in there. The one mistake we made was we had rolled a joint and put it in the door handle cuz the door handle used to have this little cubby hole in it back in the day so we just had it sitting there in the door handle and they saw it. They grabbed it and asked me what it was, I said I didn’t know what it was I’ve never seen that before in my life.

They asked us to get out of the car and they asked me if they could search the car and I said no but they said they could search the car anyway because they have already found a joint in the car and that give them probable cause. he asked me if this is all of the drugs that we had, and I said yes that’s all we have. website He said are you sure this is all you have? I said yes this is all we have, will he kept looking.

We were sitting on the curb while they searched the car and we were a little bit stoned because we smoked a joint right before they pulled us over and when you’re stoned you’re kind of daydreaming and you don’t realize everything that’s going on around you. I look behind us and all the sudden they were 15 cops standing in a row behind us as we set on the curb. we must have been the only car on the road because they all were interested in us and they just couldn’t stay away.

The first cop said I found some more and he found one of our bags in the glove box. Then he said is this all you have? I said yes this is all we have. well he didn’t believe me again and he kept looking so about another He said I thought you said that was all you had? website I said yes that was all we had, but he said I found more and this went on and on for a while lol.

To make a long story short we did get a ticket for possession of weed and then they let us go, but the bad part was they took our weed with them. hey at least we didn’t go to jail, but we would have to look for some more weed when we got to the river but I was sure there were people that had some there. I had several friends that we’re already at the river and would have some for us. Even though we got in trouble, it was one of the best weekends of my life and one of the most memorable ones with my brother. you know it’s those little memories that make up your life. Towing my nice car would have been worse than going to jail! or having the cops tow it and you know they don’t care what happens to your car while being towed. Lol

This was the greatest time ever! (Even though this video is not of the time we were there, you get the same feeling)

Shoutout to our friends Bob and Carol who own a tree service Jacksonville Florida